Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Week!

Good morning! This has been such a busy week. It started with Friday night, and I have been running since then. I had an epiphany, recently. I need to start getting up early in the morning. (6:30 am). It's time to train my body for the year to come (constant work and the California and another state bar). I've finally set myself up; now it's time to execute literally. There is a method to my madness. Well, I'm off to the gym to watch the news and do cardio. I have to head back to the gym at 2pm. New York Health Racquet Club gave me a free training session with a master trainer. It's been quite a lucky week, I also can take classes at Equinox for free (I have no idea what's going on).

Yesterday, I was a hair model for Mizani. The session was held at K Salon in Staten Island. I was very impressed by the owner, Kim, very ambitious Black woman which I love. We made an instantaneous connection (sisters we need to stick together instead of hating on one another); so you should be hearing more about the K salon. I already incorporated her in a plus size fashion show that I am helping coordinate in November (always working). I got a conservative yet edgy haircut which is totally me. I love it! Thanks, Rod H. (the best hairdresser in the City hands down).

I also attended the Mayor Bloomberg event last night which was a ploy to get more votes. He's up for re-election correct? I was tricked! I would have stayed at home, worked, or worked out. I assumed the event which be an outlet to get more information about minority grants, etc. Hell, beer, and the same people from the "urban professional" parties five years ago. I'll pass, but see you guys at Prospect Park on Sunday (LOL, it's going to be extra cracking).

Tonight, I am hosting an event at SoHo 157 Lafayette St at 7pm New York City, NY 10013 for Nenna Yvonne. I just found out about this morning. Today is going to be very busy, but that's what I need-to keep busy! Have a blessed day! Off to the gym.....

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