Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sosh B and DJ Nickiee on The Kendra Show

Today, I was on the Kendra Show on Cablevision 68. I had no idea that I was going to be interviewed LOL. But, she started asking me questions about the infamous MIMS party LOL. Hilarious. The show was very diverse and included reggae and hip-hop artists such as the new GoodGirlPR client, Sosh B (, as well as poets. Kendra, the host, was quite gracious and good spirited. I love good energy. The live broadcast did become serious when she discussed the new capital punishment legislation in Jamaica where the death penalty will be evoked by the public hanging of the convicted criminal. Of course, she questioned me, the J.D Miss DJ regarding my opinion, and I gave a thoughtful answer, relating the form of death penalty to a principle of deterrence which was the theme that began my first year, Criminal Law. Sentences are meant to deter people, period, and hanging someone in public is such a medieval, humiliating form of punishment that will mostly likely decrease the murder rate in Jamaica.

Wow! Opportunities come your way when you least expect it...just grind.

Today, I hope that I put a smile on someone's face that I really care about. Making certain people smile makes my day!

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dudleysharp said...

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