Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two-a-Days Continues

I am battling a cold which has to do with last week's two-a-day routine. I actually took it easy yesterday after over the weekend. The Hatha Yoga class just proved to me that I need to scretch more. If I can fit a class in my schedule two times a week that would be great along with swimming. I have to schedule swimming before I get my hair done so that looks like it will be going down once a week. Swimming just leans you down beautifully (water is amazing).

I am a ball of energy. I have always been like this. In my teenage years, I was always exercising or running somewhere. I didn't discover the power of weights until in law school. I think I am addicted to the endorphins. Before, I hit the gym. I drink Jasmine Pearl Green Tea from Wholefoods which I know increases my metabolism and then a glass of lemon water. I've read so many books about nutrition and exercising that I know exactly what to do; it's just hard to commit yourself, but once I get started; I can't stop. I hope this blog encourages someone to make a healthy change today. You literally have to start one day at a time. I started giving diet tips on my twitter page. www.twitter.com/djnickiee. Thanks for taking this journey with me. This time I want to maintain my hardwork instead of getting super fit, and then falling apart. We can all have the things that we want; the hardest part is maintaining it! That goes for your body, the big house you want, the foreign car, relationships, business, etc.

As for today, I have meetings as usual. Then, I invited some press down to Comix for Cipha's Sound's "Don't Get Gassed Comedy Show." I am very excited about working with him so stay tuned for constant good news.

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