Monday, July 27, 2009

Love, Sex, and Money

Sunday nights are my time to go in. I don't go to sleep until the sun comes out. I will get my 7 hours, believe me. My phone just will not stop ringing during the day along with e-mails and text messages. This is time where I have quiet time. I'm listening to music tonight. There is this song that I really like by Mos Def Called Love, Sex, and Money. The link is below:

Love, Sex, and Money by Mos Def

Speaking of love, sex, and money. Did you know that Kelis wants 55k per month for child support (and child support is not taxed by the way)? Men love women on T.V., and they take them to the cleaners all the time. I don't care if the girl was a lead in a BET uncut music video, a cast member of a bootleg reality show, or in a movie that went straight to DVD. As long as, she was on T.V.-she'll get wived up, quickly in less than a year guaranteed. 55k per month is a great lifestyle. She'll use the 55k to get a trainer, do Kegal exercises on a daily basis (LOL), and be brand new for the next thirsty dude who will also live off of the 55k and ignore all the red flags because she's on T.V. I've seen this many times before; however I know plenty of good woman who do not do this. Here's Redman and Method's man take on the situation (hilarious):

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LoudPen said...

I agree with this post completely. I can't believe that Kelis is actually going to get 55K a month for a baby that's barely a week old. The courts apparently stated that Nas missed doctor's appointments and other baby-related items, but, even if that's the case...55K a month?!

No child, needs 55K a month to live. That is just ludicrous. I know the court was basing the decision off of what Nas earns, but, that ruling was just blatant favoritism towards the mother. Everybody knows that Kelis is going to be spending that money and maintaining the lifestyle she is used to. But, it is what it is. It seems that children is the only thing a woman can hold over a man's head. We all know men control everything else.

BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog.