Friday, August 22, 2008

DJ Nickiee, a Panelist at the Hip-Hop Summit


Fri, Aug 22 @ Weequahic Park and Sat, Aug 23 @ NJPAC
Newark, NJ – (August 18, 2008) ECSMG prepare for a Celebrity Packed Golf Classic on Friday, August 22 at Weequahic Park, from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and a Hip Hop Business Summit on Saturday, August 23 at New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Tickets needed to attend weekend events. Golf Classic proceeds benefit Newark Youth Golf, Inc.
Along with the Celebrity Golf Classic and Hip Hop Business Summit, the line-up of events include an exclusive Welcome Reception, Golf Awards at Weequahic Parks Golf Club, Comedy Show featuring Comedienne Queen Aishah at Sugar Rays, 10 Park Place, Nwk, NJ on Fri., Aug 22nd and a VIP “White” Party on Sat, August 23rd at The Spot Lounge located at 45 Commerce St., with special celebrity guests, surprises and a musical performance by The Branford Hayes Quartet at 8 p.m.

The Hip Hop Business Summit –aka- Hood Economics will focus on encouraging entrepreneurship by highlighting business opportunities that exist in the community, providing interactive discussions, sharing personal success stories and key business tools. The panelists of entrepreneurs which include Industry executives, business leaders and celebrities will share their keys to success and offer advice on ways to succeed.

Summit Highlights Include a welcome by Councilman at-Large Donald Payne, Jr., Book-signing of “Let’s Talk About Pep” with Pepa from “Salt-N-Pepa,” Celebrity & Leading Business Panelists, Successful Teenage Business Story, Submission of Music CDs and Business Plans, Q&A Session, Give-Aways, and more.

Confirmed weekend guests include: Greg Watkins, CEO & Founder of, Chuck Creekmur, Co-Founder of, Navarrow Wright, CEO & President of Global, Big Ced, Co-Founder & Owner of the, Lance Smith and Walter Briggs from the NFL, Kurt Thomas, Eric Williams, Brevin Knight, Ira Bowman, Steffond Johnson and Randy Smith from the NBA, Actors Brian White (Stomp The Yard) and Michael B. Jordan (All My Children), DJ Nickiee of Hot 97.1 FM Street Soldiers , “Cookie” from Nickelodeon, Publisher Karen Hunter, Def Jam Comedienne Queen Aishah, Hip Hop Artists “Pepa” of Salt-N- Pepa, Loose Cannon and Bun B and many more.

ECSMG Consulting, LLC

The mission of ECSMG is to provide the highest quality of service to clients, by performing at a maximum level. The business strategy is to leverage expertise in providing business consulting services to professional athletes and entertainers, as well as managing and hosting celebrity golf tournaments globally. ECSMG is rapidly becoming the leading firm in the industry with a specially designed transition for athletes and entertainers. ECSMG also hosts charity events, which assists clients in improving global communities.

Facts about Newark Youth Golf, Inc

Newark Youth Golf, Inc (NYG) is a 501(c) (3) charitable exempt organization, incorporated in 2001. As a community based organization, risk prevention program, the mission of NYG is to introduce the fundamentals of golf and its principals to the historically underprivileged and economically disadvantaged minority children in the greater Newark, NJ area. NYG teaches how exposure to golf and its history provides individual skill growth, which builds self-esteem, etiquette, discipline, honor, integrity, and broader job opportunities. The training also consists of implementing life skill components such as a mentoring program, computer literacy, problem resolution, peer mediation and business training.

For celebrity confirmations & general info contact Ernest Ruffin at 973.573.2505 or Media credentials and event itinerary contact Tafia L. A. Pringle @ 973.902.6749 or Purchase tickets at

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Riding the Waves

The show on "Down Low Brothers" went well last week. JL King cancelled at the last minute so he had to call in. Check out his book about the signs of a down low brothers at The other guest was my mentor, Tru Master. Tru Master is the producer of songs such as "Brooklyn Zoo" by Old Dirty Bastard "Fish" by Ghostface Killah, just to name a few. He is also a self-taught scholar. I have learned a voluminous amount of knowledge from him over the past year. From how to make beats to the Uniform Commercial Code (long story). Sometimes, he overwhelms me to the point that my head hurts, literally. Knowledge is POWER. I was not at the show this Sunday because I was out of town, but I guess Tru Master proclaimed that the music industry was run by a bunch of "homos." I had no idea that he was going to say that on air. Wow. On another note, it was difficult to secure a woman who was willing to discuss her relationship with a "down low brother." The majority of women I know are friends of a woman who have experienced this unfortunate reality, and, of course, were too devastated to come forward. Talk about an ego deflatter!

Again, this weekend, I will be a panelist at the Hip-Hop Business Summit. For more informatiom regarding the Summit, please go to at

Next Wednesday night, "Ode to the 90's Part II" will be at Origine located on Spring Street between Lafayette and Crosby in NYC. Myself and DJ Shogun will be on the turntables. This will be the second edition, the third edition will be in conjunction with Hip-Hop Honors Week on October 1, 2008 so stay tuned.

Harry from JumpOff T.V. has volunteered to film the Panel and the 90's party. I will post the footage on YouTube next week. Thanks Harry for all of your advice!

This month, I have spent endless hours in an effort to get my business tight. I realized that I can only depend on me to get stuff done in a prompt professional matter. People in this industry talk a good game, but they never complete tasks. Sorry my people, but I have gone to other side when it comes to certain matters.

I hope everyone likes the new blogspot lay out. I uploaded one of the pictures from my photo shoot. I appreciate the positive comments that I have received thus far.

I ran approximate four miles today. I am still on the mission to get back to my toned bliss. Before I go to sleep, I am going to hit the gym and lift weights.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In South Carolina

I justed landed down south. I met a man in first class that can assist me with becoming a member of the Millionaire Girls Club. I invested in this business, and the one thing that we need is a prototype built. Can you guess what this man does? He builts prototypes. In fact his specialty is robotics. I had no idea this man could help me. I was just being my normal outgoing self, and look what happened! God works in mysterious ways. As much as I love the music world, the industry has changed-I missed the pot of gold-my other endeavors are going to get my ranch-style house in the Hollywood Hills. Music is just my passion.

I am my own event planner, dj, and art director. My ideas for the shoot really came alive with the help of my stylist, Jewel, Jennifer, my make-up artist, and Gavin, my fashion photographer. The shoot lasted from 10pm to 5am. I cannot wait to reveal the pictures. I relish organizing photo shoots, and the pictures are incredible.

I am going to relaunch my myspace page and blog on August 26th.

I literally left the shoot and raced to the airport. Now, I am in the car with my mom, and she is complaining about my blackberry usage so I will sneak in another blog in a few days (I feel like I am 12). She just reminded me not to talk about what I do with other family members. It's unfortunate that you can't share your accolades with your family or the rest of the world because, at the end of the day, everybody is the same. Why can't I be proud and share my accomplishments with people. I think this exact statement is the reason why I was afraid of success, always stayed under the radar, and was humble to a fault. But, it's a new day. Fuck that! I've worked my ass off. You can either support me, learn from me, or kick rocks.

This week on Street Soldiers-the topic is down low brothers. I have the author, JL King, Tru Master of the Wutang Clan, Dr. Jeff, and a woman who has been in a relationship with a down low brother as guests on the show. Ironically, all of my close girlfriends knew a woman with an ex-boyfriend that was gay, but are too crushed to come forward. This show should be very interesting so tune at 9pm on HOT 97.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I sleep too much so I am told

It's two o'clock in the morning, and I am laying in bed. I just got home from the gym an hour ago. I had a long enjoyable weekend-and I have been smiling for two days straight. Normally, I am a happy person, but I am definitely happier these days.

My friend told me I sleep too much. I normally get eight hours of sleep.I slept 10 hours on Sunday, and I loved every minute of it. How do I cut down on my sleeping time without looking old and haggard? I have to research that tomorrow.

I know I said that I was going to stay in but there is a black tie event hosted by Jay Z tomorrow. I am definitely going to post pictures on the blog from the event.

I have good news. I am going to be a panelist at the Hip-Hop Business Summit on August 23rd along side the likes of Pepa, Bun B, All Hip-Hop, and others. I will send out the press release tomorrow.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

This Sunday on Street Soldiers

This Week on Street Soldiers-Rapist in Queens

In recent months, nearly 10 other women have been raped or sodomized by a serial attacker who preys on victims in the same predominantly black Queens neighborhoods. I scheduled State Senator Malcolm Smith as a guest so that he can discuss his mission to get the National Guard to police the streets of Queens in an effort to combat the rapist. In addition, I booked Tanya Davis a Queens Community Board member who will discuss the importance of being active in your community and participating in government.  I asked her what  is the role of the Board, and she explained that the Board serves as the representation of the residents in its respective neighborhood, helps to allocate budgets for different initiatives which affect the community (e.g., teenage pregnancy), and monitors the Borough President who works in concert with the city council and Mayor Bloomberg.  Our conversation made me think about how we all can have an impact on the democratic process and our form of government, but I feel that people become so overwhelmed, in our daily lives, that it becomes difficult to make a commitment.  A rape counselor and a past rape victim will also participate on the show.  It was very difficult  to find a rape victim, and I admire her courage for being willing to help others.

Assisting with the production Street Soldiers has been an enjoyable experience; thus far. It is definitely a team effort.  I also have met so many interesting people, and the experience continuously reminds me that there is a world beyond the industry world-a real world. Please log on to Please go to to tune in.  

My other ventures are going well.  I will have updates soon. I am focusing on my 90’s party for this month and producing a mixtape for the event, and also will be having a 90's party during Hip-Hop Honors Week at a new club in the city.

Please go to

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jeezy Album Release

The Jeezy Album Release Party was cool. I was the only girl (not including Jazzy Joyce) there despite the fact the party was for DJs. It reminded me that the world of DJing is still male dominated. Other DJs were suprised that I was there. I guess I have "tight ass" tattooed across my forehead.

The Jeezy album was not necessarily different than any of his other albums. Truthfully, I would not mind listening to it in the car, but he does not have many singles on his album especially as compared to Lil Wayne.

This month, I am taking a hiatus from being out in the clubs. I would like to focus on rolling out my projects and mixes so they are complete before Fashion Week. The year is almost over.

I know this weekend, Bobby Joseph is having his 3rd Annual Softball Game in Edgewater. I am down for a game of softball.

Next weekend, I have to go to a Family Reunion in Greenwood, S.C. I want to spent time with my family. I am going to put work on pause for three days.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Burning the Midnight Oil

It is almost 4 a.m., and I am still up which is most likely due to the fact that I took at least two naps on Sunday.

This weekend was pretty chill. I completely forgot what I did on Friday, but Saturday was pretty eventful.

This Saturday was DJ homework night. I hit up three different spots in the City. I checked out the Highline Bar which was packed. DJ Shadow Red was killing it. Then I went to see DJ Syn City at Spotlight Live. I also realized that Patron, Long Island Iced Tea, and vegetarian Halal Food do not mix.

I ran into Thomas Jones of the Jets last night. He hosted the Ghost Ball last year and he agreed to do it again. His presence will definitely bring the ladies out because I have a male following.

This week, my manager and I are launching our event planning website. In addition, I have squared away all the projects that I will be working on which includes my TV show, my music and TV production company, my event planning business, a digital distribution company, a venture that will change the environment, and of course, DJing.

I am able to accomplish all of my goals because I have a great team. Everyone on my team is book smart and street smart. I have realized that I have no tolerance for people who I have to hold their hand. I don't have time for it. Use your brain and get it together. When I decide to mentor someone that is when I will hold hands. As I get older, I realize the importance of analytical skills and reasoning.

My thirst for learning is at it's all time high. I have someone in my life that really encourages and accents my personality. I have started to review Spanish everyday because I am losing it and complete exercises to increase my vocabulary. There is this great book called "Word Smart Made Easy" and once you finish it you will understand the meaning of every word.

This week's Street Soldiers was about "snitches." I had a really hard time booking snitches for the show, ironically. Next week's show is about the string of rapes in Queens. If anyone knows a rape counselor or a rape victim, please let me know.

Well, I guess I should go to bed now. I was supposed to go to a seminar about air rights in the morning, but I don't think I can make this one.

Tomorrow, I have a few meetings and need to wrap the event planning website. Of course, I have to hit the gym. I am definitely seeing results because I changed my diet-that is the only way.