Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Bed Time!

My grandfather used to always say it was "bed time" and stomp his foot at the same time. And, I would look at him like he was crazy because it would only be 7:30pm. I miss my grandfather.

He's still here but he has Alzheimer's disease. I am a very affectionate person especially when I love you, and one time, I was giving my grandfather a hug (I just couldn't stop hugging him), and he said, "You better get off of him, before Clara [my grandmother] slapped the shit out of me." You had to be there because it was funny. He has no sense, but he still has sense enough not to let another woman hug him when his wife is around (Hilarious). But, it was also sad because he doesn't remember who I am. We were very close. I remember going into the other room and crying, but I wouldn't let my family see. I never let them see me cry, but I took it very hard. He is wearing on down my grandmother, and I wish I was there to help her. I work so hard because I want to be able to spoil her like she's spoiled me.

On another note: I had a good, relaxing day. I took a Hatha Yoga class. The instructor kept on calling me a "young lady." Everyone in the class was a regular for 20 years plus. I am going to start taking Yoga twice a week. Vinyasa is little bit more rigorous (I want to sweat). I was supposed to go to Greenhouse, but I asked for a rain check. I didn't feel like being around bottle poppers, tonight. Well, I'm off to bed. I have to get up at 7 o'clock. Have a blessed night, everyone. Sweet dreams (dreams do come true)!

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