Friday, July 31, 2009

Blogging Quickly

Hello, everyone. This week, I have been quite busy and is the main reason why I did not blog regularly.

On Wednesday, I DJed an Crest White Strips event for Nigel Barker of America's Best Top Model which was a once in a lifetime opportunity. They loved me, and would like for me to DJ all of their events in the future along with freelance PR work. In addition, I booked two more gigs at the Ed Hardy Store. Looks like I am going to be their resident DJ for the rest of 2009, and hopefully for a long time.

Also, I will be hosting a music segment on Cablevision 68 which airs in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan each Thursday. I intend to put my best foot forward each week, and make sure that everyone in New York City and beyond knows about it. I am up for the challenge! Well, I have a proposal to write before I hit my weekly spin class with Phoenix Carnevale of Latina Magazine. After which, I have a meetings and perhaps I will hit Sobe Fridays. Have a great and productive day!

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