Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Enchanted Events of Atlanta Event Makes

I just got exciting news that the Enchanted Events of Atlanta Event was featured on in the Star Gazing section! This is the second time this year that I have been on the site. Yay! Here's the picture of me and Alisha Nesbitt:

Look Another Female DJ!

The Enchanted Events of Atlanta event went well. All of my Atlanta peeps came out to support me and my client's new event planning company. As usual people were surprised that I was "good." At the beginning the party, the bartender said, "Look another female dj!" with a sigh. By the end of the night, I had his respect and requests too lol.

I finally placed a DJ Nickiee quick mix on the site for those who haven't heard me. Send me an @ reply on Twitter, and let me know what you think. I admit I would have more bookings if I provided a mix, but I haven't had the time and patience to sit down and record one.

I finally got the clippings of my article in Sister 2 Sister Magazine. Yay! So, I emailed the article to 10k people, and guess what? A publisher called me about writing a book. I told her that I would have it completed by the end of the summer! When one door closes, another one always opens.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Back from Atlanta

I had a great weekend. I flew to Atlanta for Curly Girls Rock for a natural hair mixer that GoodGirlPR and DJ Nickiee sponsored it was so packed (Lil Kim was on my flight by the way). I put business cards in each and every gift bag, and I already received two business leads.

I got a change to spend time with my friend/Soror, LaKisha, from law school. We went to a restaurant called Truva and then to Cafe Circa. I had so much fun.

The next day, we had brunch at Park's Edge. I ran into artist, Eric Roberson. He said that I looked familiar. Is that from Twitter lol? Then, we made a quick run to Atlantic Station where I had a meeting with my client, Enchanted Events of Atlanta, at Strip. Of course, I was tweeting and a fellow publicist, Keisha of Prominence PR, joined us. Keisha is going to cover the red carpet while I'm on my female dj tip. Trina's publicist, Alesha, wanted to meet with me but I didn't have enough time. I am looking to build more relationships around the May 14th event.

After which, I was off the the airport and back to New York. Sometimes, quick get-a-ways are necessary. I met some really cool people.

This week is jammed pack. I have several proposals out and they all look promising. I'm going to work my but off until Friday. I actually have to go to Raleigh, NC my clients, Tea and Honey Blends launch event. Ironically, I have all the press contacts in that area from the Women's Power Summit. My goal is to have solid press and venue contacts in all major markets. It's going well.....

I hope everyone has a productive week!