Sunday, July 12, 2009

NAACP 100th Anniversary Celebration

Peace and Blessings. I have had such a eventful weekend. My weekend has to do with the fact that I am very focused. I have been on my two-a-day routine for four days now. I have 10 more days to go. I got two-a-days from my homeboys who played in the NFL. They would always go into football camp one size, and then come back from camp ripped. I am about two weeks from my fitness goals, and it took me a long time to reach them because I was not focused. I eat too much among other things. I started posting "Diet Tips" on Twitter ( now I have all these weight loss followers. I've read so many books and magazines that I have it down to a science literally, and I just combine everything that I've learned and tailor it to what I like. Today, one of the trainers of the gym said that my routine is so disciplined that the Club is arranging a session with the master trainer (They want to see how far I can go lol). Ironically, Camile Currie, who is third in the nation in her boxing weight class, has been pushing me to workout with her trainer at Gleason's in Brooklyn. I'm going to start this week; purely to learn how to knock someone out if necessary lol. Additionally, one of the my spin instructors, Phoenix Carnevale, teaches classes at Equinox, and she invited me to her class tomorrow (I can't wait; that was the best spin class that I have attended).

Friday began with a concert at the Beacon Theater. I admit I have avoiding a Frankie Beverly concert since I was a minor, but I had a great time. After which, I had dinner at the Eatery with SVPs from major labels, I love hearing their perspective on artists. People who I still think have viable careers; in their minds are "Finished!" I wonder if the artist knows that? The label perspective is quite different than that of DJs; it's all about numbers and the bottom line. Duly noted. I'm learning when to listen and not talk. You learn more that way.

Saturday, I attended Jazz in the Park, and walked around the city. Today, I went to church at Abyssinian Baptiste Church ( which was an enlightening experience, and then walked over to City College where NAACP held their 100th Anniversary Event. I met the President of the Manhattan Chapter of the NAACP, Billy Holiday-also a Soror (I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.), and she encouraged me to attend monthly meeting in September. I also met Londell McMillian, the administrator of the Michael Jackson Estate, and he said, "Make sure I remember you." I will, Londell. Two million dollars for estate administration (Very easy process); it's all about who you know. Speakers included Al Sharpton, New York Governor Paterson, and past New York Mayor Dinkins. The Civil Rights Movement is very dear to me. I was a constitutional scholar, and debated the 14th Amendment which includes the equal protection act in Washington, D.C. I admit was discouraged about our justice system while I was in law school for various reasons and is also the reason why I waited to commence my law career. I was very idealistic. Everything is this country boils down to the almighty dollar and politics. As a Black woman, you truly have a different perspective on things. I am at the intersection of race and gender, and my experience is quite unique, but I think with the election of a Black president that truly presents the historical virtues of American minorities, a legally blind Black Governor, and a pop icon who exemplified the power of talent irregardless of race, I honestly have a renewed faith, and am blessed to be armed with EDUCATION. Entry of Black males into jail is more steady than those matriculating from college, and I intend to do my part to encourage literacy and self-reliance which can only be achieved through education, ambition, or a combination of both. I am also going to become more involved in BESLA, the Black Entertainment Sports Lawyer Association. I had a long conversation with the organization on Friday. This weekend is historic for me for so many reasons because I mentally solidified the direction of my career and opened mind, in general. Today, I prayed for all of my blessings and will power. This is the first time in my life that I have sacrificed, and I want to stay positive, encouraged, and resilient because I have a long way to go.

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