Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hot Summer Day

I think the seasons are behind, and summer just began. I bet you a million bucks that it will be hot through September, and the beginning of October-if not later.

My weekend has been relaxing, and I put in some hard work too. I've been reading alot-that kind of hard work. I like to read for strategies, and I love building my vocabulary.

I've still disciplined about the gym. I trained on Saturday and Sunday. In fact, I don't think that I have missed a day this week (maybe one day), but working out is so much apart of my daily routine that I just can't remember if I didn't do it if that makes sense. This week I want to focus on taking more yoga classes and making that apart of my lifestyle. You have to take one step at a time. Let's see if I am focused. Each time I go-I'll blog about it! Here's a picture of my hard work (I wasn't in this kind of shape at 21):

DJ Nickiee Versatile Inc. DJ Shogun

Headed to the gym now then to Central Park where the "R&B Cats" as I call them are performing-Ginuwine, Joe, and Chico Debarge (a Sunday afternoon full of whining...they should just add Keith Sweat to the bill lol. The Rock Steady event is more my speed, but I don't feel like taking public transportation to Newark. A car is in the horizon next year even if I do live in the city-it's needed.

I will have more pictures to post this week from Cipha Sounds Comedy Show and the UMA Awards After Party sponsored by Versatile, Inc. &

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