Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Going Back to Cali.

Last week, I really needed to get away. I admit when I run into adversity, the first thought is to run away. The city can be so hard at times. I looked for last minute flights. Every vacation deal left in March, but I needed to go now. I booked a flight to LA. I have been here since Friday. It's time to go back to New York tomorrow. There is no internet access here so this vacation is over.

On Saturday, I sleep all day. My sister kept on asking me, "What's wrong?" "I work hard," I replied. Sleeping is not always a negative sign. Sleeping is a reward for all the nights I stay up creating opportunities for myself so that I can survive until my businesses thrive.

I didn't realize how many people read my blog. Some people ask for more entries. To be honest, I thought my life was boring so I have not been as consistent in my blog. All I do is work and deal with personalities on a daily basis. Dealing with personalities is actually the most interesting aspect of my life. People amaze me on a daily basis. People don't realize that they show all of their cards by the way they react.

So, I have decided. I want to take New York City back. I want to bring it back when we loved to go out in New York City because the music was good! Starting, February 28th, I started a party called, "Secret Society." and guess what?


All the DJs are really dope-not DJs who got their fame from doing mixtapes on Protools, not DJs who were once old school rappers and models, not DJs who bite other DJs sets, not DJs who have to rock the mike to get a party popping and have no skill-real DJs, and they deserve our support! I have DJ Scratch, DJ Kut of 105.1, DJ Dummy (Common's DJ), DJ Shogun who is so underrated, DJ Dee Wiz, and me, who is blessed to have the opportunity to open for each of them and is going to treat Saturday like DJ school LOL.

This is what I love, and I enjoy every minute of it! We have to create opportunities for ourselves. If I don't like the party scene and the choices that are available to us, I'm going to work hard to change it until it's the way that it used to be.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Gift & The Curse

This blog is a gift and a curse. On one hand, I inspire people. On the other hand, it magnifies "hateration" and "swagger biting." A wise person told me to "Do me." And, everybody should "Do Them."


This Thursday, I ran into an old friend of mine at the 508 Lounge. It was getting late so I asked him for a ride home. There seemed to be some strings attached because he left me stranded when I refused to comply with his requests. I've known this person for almost 2 years. He started asking me to help promote is chapstick brand on facebook, etc. WTF! Weirdo! The point is I saw signs of his shadiness and insecurity, but always ignored it. Why as we get older do we refuse to listen to our instincts?

The next day, Friday, I had a big meeting. The night was before was supposed to be an obstacle, but I overcame it. It went well. I drove to Boston for the meeting and feel like I gained a new relationship. After Boston, I headed to Staten Island where there is an artist with which I want to work. Then I headed to a venue in Harlem to meet with a promoter about a gig that I have in March.

I have been very frustrated lately because business is easy, but the people who conduct business make it so difficult. Everyone is self-interested. In the music business, there is always a road block to get a contact-it's ridiculous. Fortunately, there are certain people in this business who are kind and always lend their hand, and I greatly appreciate them, and they will know and feel my appreciation. I know that I have alot to offer, and I am going to offer my gifts to those who deserve them.