Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Day at Lenox Hill Hospital

I as you can see that I am hard-headed because I was told to rest. Last night, I was in the worst pain. I felt so uncomfortable that I couldn't go to sleep. I called my friend, Robyn, who is just a old soul, and asked what I should do because I had the worst slower body cramping and no energy. I'm a very healthy person so I admit that I was starting to panic. All I could think about was not being able to play sports or run again lol. The thought of that terrifies me. Well, Robyn said it would pass but it didn't. By the morning, I didn't know what to do. I called another friend, and she said that I should go to the hospital. I barely could get down the five flights of stairs (I literally had to tackle one step at a time), but I did not want to incur a bill for an ambulance so I got into a taxi and headed to Lenox Hill Hospital which is the best hospital in New York. Normally, in the emergency room, there is a hold time. Well, they immediately put me on the IV and started doing nonroutine testing, ultrasounds, blood work, and all kinds of other stuff. I just started crying. All, I could think is that my family lives half way across the United States and I just don't have the time to deal with this right now. There were all these old haggard people waiting for testing before me, and they pushed me through, and then I started to get more and more concerned and upset. And, to my avail certain factors put my body into shock. I wasn't paying attention at all. With that being said, looks like I'm going to have to slow down and definitely not put myself in nonstressful situations. I guess I know why I have a low tolerance for things that put me out of balance. One of my partners in crime, Natasha came to get me from the hospital. I, now, have to eat full balanced meals (no more cutting corners). Since, the doctor said that I have to "eat, eat"....I decided to begin my first meal at Houstons. Natasha made sure that I got home safe and now I am supposed to be resting...

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