Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good Morning-Take 2

I got a good night's sleep last night. It's funny how you sleep well when your mind is clear. My goal is to live my life free of worry, and I am on the right track. Worry just ages you and depletes your energy.

Yesterday, I got a makeover from Mizani. A fresh new hair cut and a relaxer. I tried the natural look but since I workout-it just was not feasible especially if I go to events all the time. The new look is in celebration of my new life and reaching my goal weight. After months of working hard, I am officially back. As a result of the new makeover, Loreal asked me to be in a Mizani model for a 3 day show. If I end up in Hype Hair that would be hilarious....

Today is pretty quiet. I have a few upcoming gigs so I'm going to my practice sets (Thanks DJ SWF for holding me down). I have a meeting, then I think I'm just going to enjoy life in the City. You can follow me on twitter for constant updates.

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