Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ladies Who Love the Breaks

Yesterday, I ran around the perimeter of Prospect Park which is 3.75 miles. My friend said to run around twice, but I just could not to it. I had a very interesting night. I went over Laurie's house for dinner. Laurie is just a cool spirit. She is having an event to raise money for autism, and I am djing downstairs with DJ Tygerlilly (


DJ Chela and DJ Sparkles will be there cutting and scratching it up as well.

They had this dope astrology book there. Do you believe in the zodiac? I do. I was reading about the Taurus male which I seem to have long term relationship with along with my zodiac, Geminis with whom I seem to have long term friendships. The book was very on point.

The night was interesting because my homeboy went on for about an hour regarding his date with what he thinks is a transsexual. I still don't understand why he told us the story in the first place. I would have kept that to myself. Strange....

I'm up. I'm going for an hour run along the Westside highway. I run without music. It's just my legs and thoughts that get me through, and I always feel great afterwards.

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