Sunday, August 10, 2008

This Sunday on Street Soldiers

This Week on Street Soldiers-Rapist in Queens

In recent months, nearly 10 other women have been raped or sodomized by a serial attacker who preys on victims in the same predominantly black Queens neighborhoods. I scheduled State Senator Malcolm Smith as a guest so that he can discuss his mission to get the National Guard to police the streets of Queens in an effort to combat the rapist. In addition, I booked Tanya Davis a Queens Community Board member who will discuss the importance of being active in your community and participating in government.  I asked her what  is the role of the Board, and she explained that the Board serves as the representation of the residents in its respective neighborhood, helps to allocate budgets for different initiatives which affect the community (e.g., teenage pregnancy), and monitors the Borough President who works in concert with the city council and Mayor Bloomberg.  Our conversation made me think about how we all can have an impact on the democratic process and our form of government, but I feel that people become so overwhelmed, in our daily lives, that it becomes difficult to make a commitment.  A rape counselor and a past rape victim will also participate on the show.  It was very difficult  to find a rape victim, and I admire her courage for being willing to help others.

Assisting with the production Street Soldiers has been an enjoyable experience; thus far. It is definitely a team effort.  I also have met so many interesting people, and the experience continuously reminds me that there is a world beyond the industry world-a real world. Please log on to Please go to to tune in.  

My other ventures are going well.  I will have updates soon. I am focusing on my 90’s party for this month and producing a mixtape for the event, and also will be having a 90's party during Hip-Hop Honors Week at a new club in the city.

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