Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jeezy Album Release

The Jeezy Album Release Party was cool. I was the only girl (not including Jazzy Joyce) there despite the fact the party was for DJs. It reminded me that the world of DJing is still male dominated. Other DJs were suprised that I was there. I guess I have "tight ass" tattooed across my forehead.

The Jeezy album was not necessarily different than any of his other albums. Truthfully, I would not mind listening to it in the car, but he does not have many singles on his album especially as compared to Lil Wayne.

This month, I am taking a hiatus from being out in the clubs. I would like to focus on rolling out my projects and mixes so they are complete before Fashion Week. The year is almost over.

I know this weekend, Bobby Joseph is having his 3rd Annual Softball Game in Edgewater. I am down for a game of softball.

Next weekend, I have to go to a Family Reunion in Greenwood, S.C. I want to spent time with my family. I am going to put work on pause for three days.

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