Thursday, August 14, 2008

In South Carolina

I justed landed down south. I met a man in first class that can assist me with becoming a member of the Millionaire Girls Club. I invested in this business, and the one thing that we need is a prototype built. Can you guess what this man does? He builts prototypes. In fact his specialty is robotics. I had no idea this man could help me. I was just being my normal outgoing self, and look what happened! God works in mysterious ways. As much as I love the music world, the industry has changed-I missed the pot of gold-my other endeavors are going to get my ranch-style house in the Hollywood Hills. Music is just my passion.

I am my own event planner, dj, and art director. My ideas for the shoot really came alive with the help of my stylist, Jewel, Jennifer, my make-up artist, and Gavin, my fashion photographer. The shoot lasted from 10pm to 5am. I cannot wait to reveal the pictures. I relish organizing photo shoots, and the pictures are incredible.

I am going to relaunch my myspace page and blog on August 26th.

I literally left the shoot and raced to the airport. Now, I am in the car with my mom, and she is complaining about my blackberry usage so I will sneak in another blog in a few days (I feel like I am 12). She just reminded me not to talk about what I do with other family members. It's unfortunate that you can't share your accolades with your family or the rest of the world because, at the end of the day, everybody is the same. Why can't I be proud and share my accomplishments with people. I think this exact statement is the reason why I was afraid of success, always stayed under the radar, and was humble to a fault. But, it's a new day. Fuck that! I've worked my ass off. You can either support me, learn from me, or kick rocks.

This week on Street Soldiers-the topic is down low brothers. I have the author, JL King, Tru Master of the Wutang Clan, Dr. Jeff, and a woman who has been in a relationship with a down low brother as guests on the show. Ironically, all of my close girlfriends knew a woman with an ex-boyfriend that was gay, but are too crushed to come forward. This show should be very interesting so tune at 9pm on HOT 97.


Anonymous said...

Well, Nickee, about the understating your success to your family. I am the same way. Not that I understate it, but take for example my cousin's wife, everytime she's around she always makes sure to tell someone: she got her MBA, she opened and is running a daycare center, and now she is going to law school. My approch is rather like, if you don't ask I won't tell, I'll just be, there is no need for me announce my accomplishments to everyone, but to just be the intelligent handsome black man that I am and try to pass my knowledge to the younger members of the family. Most of the older members who would probably be jealous of your success, their life is over or pretty much is what is it is and no one can change it. So yes, they can kick rocks.

Anonymous said...

I missed the pot of the gold in Hip Hop also,trying to become a producer, reaching New York in 1999, the trough of Hip Hop. I have officially retired all thoughts of making a record and getting a royalty check, etc.

I'ma about to take the CPA, MBA business route to success. Yeah, its not my passion, but when I can purchase a pair of Farragamos without batting an eye and my crib is looking lovely and my car and my bank account. I don't think I will complain. Fuck a Music Dream if I can't have the CREAM!