Thursday, August 21, 2008

Riding the Waves

The show on "Down Low Brothers" went well last week. JL King cancelled at the last minute so he had to call in. Check out his book about the signs of a down low brothers at The other guest was my mentor, Tru Master. Tru Master is the producer of songs such as "Brooklyn Zoo" by Old Dirty Bastard "Fish" by Ghostface Killah, just to name a few. He is also a self-taught scholar. I have learned a voluminous amount of knowledge from him over the past year. From how to make beats to the Uniform Commercial Code (long story). Sometimes, he overwhelms me to the point that my head hurts, literally. Knowledge is POWER. I was not at the show this Sunday because I was out of town, but I guess Tru Master proclaimed that the music industry was run by a bunch of "homos." I had no idea that he was going to say that on air. Wow. On another note, it was difficult to secure a woman who was willing to discuss her relationship with a "down low brother." The majority of women I know are friends of a woman who have experienced this unfortunate reality, and, of course, were too devastated to come forward. Talk about an ego deflatter!

Again, this weekend, I will be a panelist at the Hip-Hop Business Summit. For more informatiom regarding the Summit, please go to at

Next Wednesday night, "Ode to the 90's Part II" will be at Origine located on Spring Street between Lafayette and Crosby in NYC. Myself and DJ Shogun will be on the turntables. This will be the second edition, the third edition will be in conjunction with Hip-Hop Honors Week on October 1, 2008 so stay tuned.

Harry from JumpOff T.V. has volunteered to film the Panel and the 90's party. I will post the footage on YouTube next week. Thanks Harry for all of your advice!

This month, I have spent endless hours in an effort to get my business tight. I realized that I can only depend on me to get stuff done in a prompt professional matter. People in this industry talk a good game, but they never complete tasks. Sorry my people, but I have gone to other side when it comes to certain matters.

I hope everyone likes the new blogspot lay out. I uploaded one of the pictures from my photo shoot. I appreciate the positive comments that I have received thus far.

I ran approximate four miles today. I am still on the mission to get back to my toned bliss. Before I go to sleep, I am going to hit the gym and lift weights.

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