Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Business

The show was successful tonight. All of the booked guests attended. I had difficulty booking a gun-toting minor, but Tone Capone booked Money Morri, a 17-year old Blood from Brooklyn. It was really disappointing to hear him speak. He honestly felt that it was ok to carry a gun to defend himself. Who are his parents and why isn't he in school? Sometimes, I feel like my people do not understand the value of education. Until we educate ourselves as Black people, we will continue to be narrow-minded and think on "our block" instead of having a worldly perspective.

I am working on some interesting shows in the upcoming weeks, including "The State of Hip-Hop." Any suggestions as to who I should book? I think that Nas would be a good guest, and Saigon because he's a loose cannon. I heard Nas' new untitled album is classic, by the way-it's about time. I was in the studio with him once, and it seemed like he was very impressionable. I remember him asking, "I just want to know what people are feeling?" If you live your life to please everybody, you end up losing yourself. Hopefully, this album is a revisitation of his 1993 self-classic.

Today, I had to be a polite jerk to a few people. I honestly feel that people take my kindness for a weakness. As soon as you do that, if we are working together, the DJ hat comes off, the jerk in me surfaces, everything has to be in writing, and all free knowledge ceases. I think people forget that my education cost over 300k and that's not present value, and whatever I tell you is worth about $350 per sentence. When I was a VP at Deutsche Bank, I had the white boys intimidated so I learned to dumb down because that is the game if I want to move up fast, but don't let my down to earth personality get you twisted. I hate throwing paperwork in people's faces, I would rather nuture the relationship, but it seems like in this industry, everything has to be in writing because people have convenient memories and always want some shit done for free. I am not mad at the barter system, but for free? Honestly, you don't want me to start pulling out my contracts-I have some contracts that these industry cats have never thought of and literally have everything cornered if that was my aim. Remember your lawyers only tell but so much so you can keep coming back-I have access to and know where to find everything! Knowledge is POWER. I think I am a very humble person and rarely throw my educational background in someone's face, but sometimes I have to remind people of who they are dealing with. Sorry, I am having a Kanye moment.

I am headed to bed. I have a meeting in the morning.


DJ Diva said...

Kanye moments are acceptable LOL

and u should be uber-proud of your education...U had to sit through those classes and do the work...and u should be respected for it.

Sorry I missed the show this week...I wont miss another lol

O Hope said...

I LOVE it! You go Nickiee, be confident in yourself, and play the game as it should be played.
I completely agree that you need to be careful about whom you have around you. You are on the right track; keep it up.

What about any female MC's for your event?