Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time to Get Back to Work!

I had a great weekend. My night in DC was very eventful. I got lost in DC on the way back from the club-long story. In the midst of surfing the streets of DC, I stopped at a Chinese food restaurant because me and J were starving. This had to be the most ghetto sight that I have ever witnessed. People were hanging out in front of the restaurant on the stairs and the chinese restaurant owner was serving alcohol at 4 a.m. in red plastic cups over the counter. As he poured each cup, he stared at the front door (hilarious).

Last night, I went to the Brand Jordan Party at the Marquee. Beverly Bond, DJ Premier, and DJ Shogun were on the 1s and 2s all night in different rooms. The same usual suspects were there Busta Rhymes, Fabulous, Mashonda, and Mel Testamark, etc. I guess I am starting to realize how small the industry is. Everytime I go out which is not often these days unless it is DJ related, I see the same people. I want to start meeting new people-people who are enterprising on a level that I could never imagine.

DJ Shogun let me get on the turntables to close the night. That was cool (Thank you Shogun for the opportunity).

Today, I didn't get up until 3 PM, and I am happy as hell.

There are alot of events tonight, but I think I should stay in the office and do some work, and of course hit the gym.

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