Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Headed to Denver.

My night was eventful in Detroit. I am always hungry especially since I am lifting weights. The trainers in the gym said I go hard. I was surprised by that comment because I have not seen the results that I want, but in time. I just have to stay consistent.

I took a ride to Dearborn, MI with my new D-town driver, Carlos. Dearborn has a huge Middle Eastern population. Can I get some grilled shrimp and some hummus, please? I ordered shrimp, but they keep on giving me meat. Was that a sign that I need to revert back to my meat-eating ways? I have a friend that compares meat to crack-I think that is hilarious. I have not reached that point yet, but meat is definitely calling me. Being in Denver, around my family and pork ribs is definitely going to be a test of my discipline and focus.

I started my position at HOT 97 as a guest booker for Street Soliders (Thanks, Tone Capone and Rich Rose). I am very interested in doing radio, and I have to start somewhere. Plus, this position will give me some time to get my cutting and scratching skills up to par. I was a guest on Street Soliders last year so this new endeavor is quite ironic.

I was trying to book Flava Flav to host my 90's party, but he wants this ridiculous amount of money. Does he know it's a recession? I have a few other options that I am going to explore.

When, I am in Denver. I definitely am going to hit up every club and event planner in the city.

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Anonymous said...

You learned something, please do share DJ DQ. (Jackson MS)