Monday, May 26, 2008

The Summer is Here

Memorial Day weekend is almost over. I did not travel to Miami, Aruba, DR, or Puerto Rico, I stayed home and relaxed. I can't bear another plane ride. I clocked in 34 hours of air time in April and May. Therefore, I'm going to chill until the BET Awards in Los Angeles.

I set some great goals for myself this weekend. I decided to chill on dating, and focus more on myself for the next two months. Dating just takes too much time from my goals. I really don't understand how women juggle their careers, relationships, and maintain their bodies. They must be rich so they can hire a nanny, cook, and personal trainer or have good genes.

Each morning, I will wake up a 6:30 am. My goal is to run at least twice a day up and down the Westside Highway, and lift weights each day. I can alternate running with a spinning class or swimming. I will take Sundays off to relax-I will only run once. I also want to take a hot yoga class and pilates class each week as well. If I commit to this two-a-day routine for the next 6 weeks, I will be in pretty good shape by July.

Besides my workout goals, I want to start doing more special events in the upcoming year. I have several contacts that I need to send mixes too. I have to submit a mix to is a hilarious website which sends text messages to women with siting of "ballers ." I admit that I decided to get involved with it because I have a feeling this website is going to become very controversial. Controversy is always good for PR.

Then there is practicing-Djing that is. I feel horrible when I don't practice so I will be practicing everyday from now-that's a must.

Well, I'm logging off to go run.

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