Friday, May 23, 2008

DJ Nickiee Blog Spot

Hey, everybody! Let me start with saying that I am going to be very real on this Blog. I am sure my PR people, will want to edit the things that I talk about eventually, but I want everyone who reads this to really get to know me as a person. I am a true gemini. There are two sides to me-the sweetheart and the bitch, but I would prefer to be a sweetheart all day.

Who am I?

I am a female DJ, but I am also a nerd at heart. I was blessed to attend some of the greatest schools in the world from elementay school to graduate school. I believe my education defines who I am as a woman. If you look at my pictures, you may see one image, but once you talk to me, you may become very confused. I have a great family. I used to give them a hard time because I am a perfectionist and want everyone in my life to be perfect, but I have learned that perfection is impossible.

I love hip-hop. I live and breath it everyday. You will see.

Here, I will write about my daily adventures on the grind in New York and abroad. I will share my thoughts and lessons learned, and I hope it entertains and educates you. My life is nuts. I am a DJ, but also went to law school, and have putting off practicing law for years, but plan on launching my own law practice in 2009 as I strive to be the best female DJ!

Welcome to the life of DJ Nickiee..

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mecca said...

hey whats good well i read enough..actually i was searching for a know naw if you can check out my music and see if yu would like to be my dj..peace..

please check me out!