Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I jogged along the Westside Highway this morning. I was the only fool out there since it rained this morning, but if I don't stay on schedule I will have sugar relapse. "Rain or Shine" is my new slogan.

Last night, I went out with a friend from my NYU days. We went to a local bar. If I hope to attain my fitness goals, I cannot drink alcohol or beer, which is my weakness. I officially blame my love of beer on my mother who used to leave Michelob bottles around the house, and I would drink the remnants at an young age that I will not disclose.

It's 4:25pm and I have so much stuff to do. I have to work my second workout in before my hair appointment. My hair and working out is a constant battle for me. Nice hair or a nice body? I have decided that I would rather have a nice body because I can also get a weave like 90% of the black female population. Black men cannot tell the difference anymore until they attempt to run their hands through and other races could careless.

I have a meeting with Stephan Marbury's chef at 8pm to discuss a project. I have to find a venue for my 90's party with my hip-hop idol, and do two mixes.

I spent all morning, setting up my merchant account with Zazzle. Little stuff like the aforementioned, takes hours out of my day. Three hours to be exact unless I am just slow. I need an assistant-at least that is what DJ Tola told me. I need help with completing ministerial, brainless tasks. I need a super assistant-one that does not ask me stupid questions. I think I am going to put an ad on NYU CareerNet and see who responds.

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