Sunday, March 29, 2009

Women In the Industry

It's been a while. I've been grinding really hard. By the end of March, my goal was to get an apartment in the city. I got my keys to my new apartment last week. I've been working so hard that sometimes I don't have a moment to be aware how I actually feel. I feel like there is more to life to just work. I want to start enjoying life-that starts April 1st.

I have spent so much time building my PR business that I have neglected my love of DJing. You don't realize how many hours I have logged to build my presence on the internet and my email list, and I refuse to let anyone else take advantage of my hardwork and pull that "diva" attitude with me. Those who take advantage are usually men in this industry. Hence, the reason why I am having the First Annual "Women in the Industry" event at Mr. West this Tuesday:


I hope the event is an outlet for follow women in the industry to network and hopefully make money together. :-)

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Black Pacino said...

i respect your grind, nickiee.
it's a shame that some people show no gratitude for your help. trust me, i understand completely. but it's all good. you coulda put the ingrates on blast but you're classy.

i wish you continued success & i'mma keep an eye on your blog.

one hunnid.