Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Can!

Today, I cried. I cried because I am truly happy and blessed. Often in my blog, I talk about my goals, and my firm belief that goals can be achieved through action and consistency. Barack Obama is our President Elect. We can no longer have excuses or blame others for our mishaps or misfortune. If America elected a Black man as President of the United States, then we all can achieve our dreams. You must try through fear! People will hate and stand in your way. The same mentality exists in every culture-it is simply human nature. My point is that you should not let obstacles obstruct you. Barriers are the building blocks of your strength, and you must embrace them as you focus relentlessly.

I continue to surround myself around positive people. I do not tolerate negativity. I have no time for pettiness, drama, or insecure people. I just want to work hard and enjoy life. I'm learning not to care what anyone thinks. Each day, I continue to try, learn, and to evolve into a better person. I will never stop trying, and I recommend everyone do the same.


greggwalker72 said...

Such a great message. The same sentiments ran thru my head last night, and I put them in my blog at

We have to take responsibility for our destiny.

Anonymous said...

Well said... true.