Monday, November 10, 2008

Going Back to Cali

I have been in LA for the past two days. I needed to get some sun. In addition, GoodGirlPR had an event at the Ivar located in Hollywood. I opened for DJ Rampage. All I have to say is that I need to focus more on the craft. I have the business side down. I think I have been so focused on getting organized that I have not been practicing as much as I used to in the past. I feel guilty when I don't practice. Some DJs brag about not practicing, but that's nothing to brag about. The best DJs still practice, and I want to be one of the best. I have a long way to until I reach my goal. I am enjoying my evolution as a DJ, and I appreciate all the guidance long the way. It is truly challenging, and I am so elated that I overcame my fear to become a DJ.

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