Sunday, June 29, 2008

June is almost over!

I have not written in my blog for a while. I admit I was overwhelmed when I had three events in a week and a little bit distracted in a good way. Plus, it is difficult to organize events, promote, and DJ, at the same time. But, if I don't do it-no one else is going to do it for me.

My friend, Robyn, who started this dope clothing line called Black Boy, gave me this brilliant idea to have all female promoters, and we throw quality, exclusive events in the city. Immediately, I called Monee from Waibig Media and Aura of Our first event, will be on June 25th in at a loft in Williamsburg. The party will be sponsored by a "clear rolling paper manufacturer; therefore, this party should be very interesting.

The 90's Party Part I went well-DJ Shogun was on time and really held me down (Thank you). Cipha Sounds of HOT 97 and Music Rocka came through as well. The music was perfect. The 90's Party Part II will be on July 30th so stay tuned. I intend to make this a monthly event.

My workout routine is going. I am still pissed off at myself for allowing myself to get borderline out of control. The results definitely don't happen over night, but I know with consistency-I will get back to where I was just 10 months ago. I stopped eating chicken and beef almost a week ago. I have so much more energy as a result of my decision.

In August, I have a family reunion in South Carolina. I know I am going to starve to death unless as a vegetarian I can eat collard greens cooked with fat back and hamocks. The juice of the meat doesn't count right?

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tyriq stiles said...

stick with it! i started working out again after about 8 months. i have the nike plus ipod shoes. they are good for motivating. i even set up a challenge with a friend down south. i'll let u know how it works if u are interested. it's really cool, but she's whuppin my arse!

i had one of the worst gigs EVER on friday. i think i'm gonna post abou tit in my blog.

but yeah, i'm tryna run/jog 2 miles at LEAST every other day