Sunday, June 1, 2008

1 week down, 3 more weeks to go!

Today, I woke up, and my first thought was that I needed to go to church so I called my manager, Troy, and asked him, “What time are you going to church? I want to meet you.” At first, he whispered that he was still in the bed, but awoke out his sleep and that he said he needed to go to church too. Before I got dressed, I ran along the Westside Highway for 30 minutes and then proceeded uptown to meet with Troy. The church was on 116th and Adam Clayton Powell, but I could not find it. Every black man in Harlem was trying to help me find the church, but I ended up going to an entirely different church because I was determined to go. The church was called the Cannes Baptist Church of God. It was your typical Southern Baptist church-not the church for me because the congregation was older, but I definitely will go back to visit. I met up with Troy after the service, and we went to this quaint restaurant for some brunch. I like talking with Troy because he doesn’t misconstrue my statements as being cocky and brash. He looks at me like the strong black woman that I am, appreciates it, and doesn’t try to one up me. We had a great conversation about how we need to keep positive people around us and keep haters at bay. He’s right. After I got back from Vienna, I truly cleaned house and eliminated all the bad energy out of my life. I don’t like to argue-I just want to chill.

Right now, I am at the Reebok Sports club with my laptop in my lap, chilling by the Jacuzzi at peace and with no one getting on my nerves. One thing that I do have control over is my life and happiness. Taking care of myself physically and mentally makes me happy. If anyone or anything take away from my good energy-I cut them or it off.

I meet with my digital marketing team last week. Aura and Franz are really going to assist with getting my name out. I’m starting to delegate more duties to other people to give me more time to focus on my music. Right now, I am really feeling the, “Best Thing” by Usher & Jay-Z. I play that song over and over again.

I have two events to attend this week, the opening of some club uptown and Radar magazine event this Thursday. I wonder where Kanye’s Birthday Party will be? We have the same birthday June 8th, and I am accustomed to celebrating my birthday with him each year since 2005. I have a lot of respect for Kanye. Everyone claims he is so cocky, but I honestly feel that his “confidence” is what got him where he is today, and I applaud him because he’s not afraid to take a risk and be different. Fear really hinders people. Kanye has no fear. The successful people I know, I have no fear. If you fail, try again-simple. I had a conversation with a rapper friend of mine, and he stated that Kanye has attached himself to this female artist called Kid Sister, our newest hipster star. I think Kanye is on to something. This group called the Cool Kids, a hipster rap group, is having a performance this weekend, and I am going to check it out.

I going to take a nap for an hour, and then go hit the weights. I think I will stop by Room Service tonight.

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Tyriq Stiles said...

re: kanye. i'm so proud of that brother. I remember when i first heard him on ths lil station called WHPK...he was battling common. freestyling....which is why i don't understand why people say he can't rap. cause he really has nice lyrics. and he's got his delivery under control too. i remember before he blew up. i went to a talib/common concert, and talib brought him out. kanye just seemed so excited to be there. i'm proud of all my brothers from the midwest that blow up from their talent.

anyway, i'm reading through your blog and having this wonderful feeling. i'm gonna bite your line about negative people getting cut off. well i'm gonna give u credit for it tho (they call that "recycling" now, don't they? haha)

and happy belated birthday, Nickiee