Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

I'll be in New York for this Easter holiday. I'm going to cook, too. I am actually a really good cook if you can believe it. My sweetie said that he didn't think I could cook by looking at me. What is that supposed to mean lol? I really need to go home and visit my family. My grandparents are getting older and are not the same. I am so glad that I went to law school in Colorado to be closer to them. I admit time just flashes by in the Big City, but I do not forget the people that helped me. My grandmother and cousin, Terry, have been the most supportive of me when I decided to start my business, and I am still paying them back.

This week was very eventful. GoodGirlPR is growing like wild fire by using my DJ Nickiee platform to support it. I literally have five PR pitches scheduled next week; two of which are with a cosmetic dentist and a plastic surgeon-sounds fun. I hired a sales person as well, and he's good!. I also had a great lunch meeting with And, last night, I fired yet another intern, but I hired three. As much as I want to mentor people, I don't have time for people's excuses and bullshit. Three strikes and you're out!

The DJing world is cool. I still have to get the DJ Nickiee brand together. I would say on average, I DJ twice a month. In fact, I am djing a red carpet event for a company called the Enchanted Events of Atlanta in May (the invite is above). Honestly, I am inviting every Atlanta based publicist and event planner in the Atlanta metro area. It's all about working smarter not harder. I get it now.

Happy Easter.

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