Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting Started Early

I started my day early. I just get more things accomplished when I wake up early. I am working for the next few hours. Then, I am going to Crunch to do some exercises. Oh, I am a DJ for Crunch and am going to be DJing with Equinox in a matter of time because that's what I want to do :-). This is fantastic news since I am such a gym rat. I can't wait to show off my hard work this summer. Age is such a number! I am better shape now than at 21. Each Saturday, I take an African Dance class at Alvin Alley as well. I absolutely love it! I wonder when I am going to graduate from the beginner class? It's never too late to start something new. Soccer season is over, but Rachel Noerlinger, Al Sharpton's publicist, and I will be going a new league. I think the key is befriending people who enjoy the same activities as you. There is more to life than fruitless industry parties. I want to challenge my mind and body always.

Unfortunately, I am not going home this weekend to see my family. I miss them, and am I little home sick. Thank goodness, Jane Carter invited me over for Easter Weekend. Have a great Easter! If I am at her house, it will be a weekend of working and playing hard-Wine, the jacuzzi, and my laptop. The Jane Carter Solution just got into Target. I hope that I accomplish something of the magnitude in my lifetime. You have to surround yourself around the people you aspire to be! That's the only way. On that note, peace and blessings....

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