Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update alert!

I have been extremely busy. I have a staff of six people, and I have been trying to spend more time training and guiding them. I can't do this alone so being a good leader is important to me. Since I last blogged, I have gotten so much accomplished and literally everything has fallen in place for me. I am truly blessed. I decided to apply to Harvard for a program that I think will greatly benefit my businesses and future. Wish me luck! I have been djing more as well, but I have not had time to post the events on my blog, but I will be sure to make more of a concerted effort- I am juggling several projects right now. My PR company, GoodGirlPR is booming with the help of my staff especially Natasha B. who believed in and stuff with me through the rough times. We just signed a huge client, and I can't wait to announce the news. To be honest, I can't believe it! I have never worked this hard before and continue to be amazed by how everything is unfolding.

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