Friday, November 20, 2009

DJ Nickiee Just Concludes Tour with Ghostface and Sosh B.

Where have I been? I have been enjoying life. I took some time to just chill and enjoy life, and I admit working a little bit too. Instead of 80 hours per week, I have been working 40 hours per week. Honestly, I feel so guilty. Last week out of the blue, I went on tour with Ghosface and Sosh B.

I admit I was so nervous which can you see from my stunned face on the life hand side. However, on the second night, I got on the mike and got hood with it. It worked because I had everyone's hands in the "Motherfucking air." LOL. I had no idea that I could rock the mike. The night after my first set, I realized that the only way to get better is by doing it! I don't have time to have to intimidated by the mike. I just have to grab it with confidence.

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