Saturday, August 29, 2009


This has been of one of the most productive weeks since I started my business last October/November. I can say that I achieve more when I have control over the energy in my life which is why I like having my own business. I learned a lot this week, and knowledge only makes me wiser.

I took the death of DJ AM very hard (The weird thing is ran into Travis Barker this week) on 21st Street in NYC. Instead of going out last night, I spent my night listening to DJ AM over and over again:

He was dope. I had an opportunity to met DJ AM, and hear him spin at Club Liv in MIA and the APT. He was so humble. DJing is therapy for me so I know how he felt, and once he mastered it...what was next? We all have issues that we fight within. Exercising is my drug. Everyone has something. Some of the most intelligent, beautiful, and kind people I know battle addictions. I think these people ARE in my life to teach me valuable lessons which is why I harness my energy into positive outlets such as exercising and work instead of a long list of things.

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