Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good Morning.......

I went to bed early last night. I was overwhelmed with all of the good news. I closed one door in my life, then all of a sudden all of these doors opened up. I don't know where to start. You will see everything when it comes to fruition. A major record label has granted me the privileges to work from their offices. I admit I have always wanted to work at a label, and I am officially in the building. My first day was yesterday, and I already received a new project.

I also met with one of the top PR firm companies in the world. I will be djing all of their brand events with Kim Kardashian (I will keep you posted) along with the company giving GoodGirlPR freelance PR work. They just so happen to represent all of the number one brands. Remember the Hennessey Black event with Ms. Kardashian? I am in the family now. I have no idea how this fell in my lap, but I am going to ride it out.

I had a long talk with my good friend, Mayhem. It had been a while for various reasons. When my personal life is not in order, I tend to alienate those who really care about me because I don't want to hear their mouths LOL. He's like my big brother, and I wanted to get my shit together on all planes before I spoke to him. I'm trying to convince him to come back to the music business. He started this new company called Broker of the Stars. In the music business, you have to have at least two streams of income (he taught be that!). I think he is what hip hop needs. He worked in the business part-time while in real estate, and had 3 hit records in less than 2 years. I'm going to bring him back, and I've built a solid infrastructure to set off anything we start. I have my team-and it's a dope one.

I'm going to get the gym out the way early. I think I'm going to run the Westside then run to the gym. Then off to the office. Peace and Blessings, Everyone. Remember dreams do come true but you have to be proactive.

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