Monday, April 27, 2009

Up Out the Bed at 7 a.m.

I'm up quite early today. I have a a lot on mind. The past week was very enlightening, and I am taking notes. I think I am going to go for a run this morning. As much as I talk about staying in shape. I finally reached my fitness goals since I have been blogging for the past year. I took a two months off while I was in Seattle so reasonably it just takes time to start seeing results. You must be consistent and have pretty good eating habits. Last night, I felt guilty because I has one oatmeal cookie, but I am not going to deprive myself.

I am starting the GoodGirlPR Boot Camp this Thursday at Central Park. It starts a 6:30pm every Thursday. I will post the flyer later today. I can guarantee that you will burn at least a 1000 calories at each boot camp. That's the equivalent of exercising for 33 minutes three times per week (not bad). The event is also going to be a networking event. Hopefully, people will build strong relationships through rigorous exercising and get some business done outside of the boot camp.

My female DJ crew, Miss DJs is coming together. This week, I will post everyone's bio and picture on my blog. Natasha Nicole ( is managing the crew, and DJ SWF ( will be instrumental in helping me create the "Miss DJs" brand.

If you want to keep up with GoodGirlPR, please visit I think it's quite funny that people don't know that "DJ Nickiee" owns "GoodGirlPR." My goal was to create two separate brands, and my mission has been accomplished. Now, it's time to start rocking the turntables again. DJs who played for free and supported my events unconditionally. I think everyone else needs to get a publicist, and I'm a damn good publicist (

Well, I am off to run from the 50's to 8th & Broadway. If you want constant DJ Nickiee updates throughout the day, please follow me at

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