Thursday, December 11, 2008

Touching Base With Myself

I know it's been a while since I have wrote something substantive in the blog. I have been so busy. I am always running around or in meetings. I guess this is what I wanted, and this is what I created for myself. I am literally working on three companies, and of course, working on myself. I have not practiced the art of DJing as much as I would like. I think I know why? I started DJing because I loved hip-hop. What the radio stations play is cool, but not the music that I love. What happened to the feeling that would overcome you when you bought a new album. Just like the economy, it seems like art is declining as well. Or perhaps, the game is so messed up to the point that real artists cannot get exposure.

I love DJing dope, hip-hop music. And, I will continue to try to create a following that loves the music I love. Now I know, I have to play to please the crowd, but damn! So I am DJing at the Mercury Bar tomorrow, and my goal is to create a set that I love as well as the crowd:


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