Monday, December 1, 2008

Back Home Again

I am on the plane traveling from Denver where I visited my family for Thanksgiving. I sleep the entire time that I was there. My mom said that I need to get more sleep, but when I am in New York, sleep is not an option because there is just too much opportunity here. I ate so much-to the point where my jeans would not buckle (Working out the Big Rich should fix this). My sister, Samantha, said that when I come home I behave as if I have never seen food in my life. The food is just so damn good. I wish everyone could experience one of my family’s home cooked meals. Olivia and I are planning a big party in June for our birthdays. I think the party is going to have to be catered by my mom, Aunt Novia, and Grandma (Aunt Novia I know you’re reading this so don’t make any plans). I have been trying to get my mom to focus on a cookbook, but she is just too all over the place being a “Mom.” My mom exudes my energy times twenty. Her energy level is nuts; if only she could overcome this “I Can’t” attitude, she could harness that energy and truly be happy with herself.

December is here already. Those who read my blog know how goal oriented I am; therefore the year end is very important to me as I evaluate the upcoming months. I was reading Oprah Magazine, and she said that we should focus in the moment. I think the fact that I was always thinking about the future is one of the reasons why I am not where I could be in my career. I never had the patience to grind out the little accomplishments in the moment, which would eventually accumulate into something magnificent. Thank god, I learned that lesson at a young age. I tell people all the time that life is not perfect. Those who are obsessed with perfection are usually procrastinators. Mistakes have been apart of my education. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and part of my journey is making mistakes. With that being said, at this moment, I am going to focus on Olivia and I’s PR company, becoming a better DJ (this is definitely a process), being the best attorney I can be on the behalf of my clients and empowering people with knowledge (I will be launching my law firm in June 2008), and striving to be the best woman that I can be.

10 Lessons learned this year:

1. Never compromise your personality to please someone else. Just be you, and all that you are will be attracted to you.
2. Make large goals, then plan how to achieve them.
3. Keep positive people around you.
4. Avoid insecure people.
5. Never say, “I Can’t.” We have a Black president.
6. Love like you’ve never loved before. If you do right by someone, and they don’t love you back, you don’t need them, in your life anyway.
7. If you fail, try again and again.
8. Put yourself first, and everything else will fall in line.
9. Surround yourself with successful people, and you will indeed be successful.
10. Listen.

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